Learn, Network and Explore in 3D Manufacturing

27 – 31 March, 2023 – International multi-event – Benelux region

A week of immersion in the world of 3D manufacturing!

Take a leap forward in your 3D production knowledge, experience, and network!

3D Delta Week creates value for users and providers along the 3D Manufacturing Value Chain. It is the 3D manufacturing meeting point for expert and layman, inside or outside the Benelux region.

Feel like exploring the 3D manufacturing field? 3D Delta Week comprises of over a dozen events related to 3D Manufacturing – masterclasses, a fair, symposia, events on R&D, several verticals, circularity – and much more. Or join the 3D Delta Dinner on Wednesday evening – the ultimate networking event in 3D Manufacturing.

3D Delta Week is a multiple-location, 5-day string of events and activities. Set up your own agenda in line with your needs and interests!

This was 3D Delta Week 2022!

Program 2023

29 March 2023
AM for production
With a strong focus on connection, substantive knowledge transfer, practical cases and supply chain integration, AM for Production is the new and annual AM knowledge and networking event for high-tech and manufacturing industries. As a professional in this industry, you will come into low-threshold contact with high-end AM machine builders, component suppliers, raw material suppliers, system integrators, peripherals, software and firmware suppliers, start-ups and knowledge and networking organizations. It is also the place where the entire chain comes together and where knowledge and experiences are shared to address challenges around integration in existing production environments, product development and engineering processes, among others. Together we bring AM to high-tech and manufacturing production! More info and the possibility to register here.
09:30 am - 5:00 pm
Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Want to get involved?

The Benelux area (the Delta) is a top region in terms of 3D production, with a myriad of academic and applied research centres, a particularly high number of 3D-printers and numerous promising start-ups and established enterprises. On the user side, the region boasts a multitude of application areas – all in all, an extremely versatile and high-quality ecosystem.

Now, the appropriate podium has been created to bring this leading 3D production region to the fore.

Do you also want your organisation or company to benefit from this unique podium to the world?

The importance and outreach of the current (and future) 3D Delta Week organisers, offers a great opportunity for sponsors.

3DDW edition 1

The 3D Delta Week is an initiative initially set up by Brainport Eindhoven, Flam3D and Jakajima.

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