Learn, Network and Explore in 3D Manufacturing

December 6 to 10 2021, International multi-event – Benelux region

A week of immersion in the world of 3D manufacturing!

Take a leap forward in your 3D production knowledge, experience, and network. The 3D Delta Week will create value for users and providers along the 3D Manufacturing Value Chain. It will be the 3D manufacturing meeting point for expert and layman, inside or outside the Benelux region.

How can you benefit from this series of 3D manufacturing events?

The 3D Delta week is already gathering a dozen of renown events and will continue growing as the place-to-be, with activities aimed at specific sectors, at R&D and industry, at users and suppliers. The scheduling of events will allow participants to easily move from one activity to another.

Do you want your organisation or company to benefit from this unique podium to the world?

The importance and outreach of the current (and future) 3D Delta Week organisers, offers a great opportunity for sponsors.

The Benelux area (the Delta) is a top region in terms of 3D production, with a myriad of academic and applied research centres, a particularly high number of 3D-printers and numerous promising start-ups and established enterprises. On the user side, the region boasts a multitude of application areas – all in all, an extremely versatile and high-quality ecosystem. Now, the appropriate podium has been created to bring this leading 3D production region to the fore.

The 3D Delta Week is an initiative initially set up by Brainport Eindhoven, Flam3D, Jakajima and Mikrocentrum.

Our 3D Delta Week Ambassador sponsors

By committing to the 3D Delta Week platform, our sponsors are joining the positive and important message of the week: “I stand behind the idea of joining forces, of gathering ecosystems to contribute to a healthy global economy.”

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