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Situation report 3DDW program

SITUATION REPORT of the current participating events under the 3DDW flag

The first edition of the 3D Delta Week (3DDW) is quickly approaching, and the week’s content has already taken on nice shape. About 20 events of different organisations and companies have already been registered to take place under the 3DDW-flag. The entire ecosystem is thereby represented. The advantage of this Benelux Ecosystem? Visitors can learn, network and explore 3D Manufacturing faster and easier. As various events on 3D Manufacturing are gathered in one week, you can easily and quickly select and attend those events of interest to you.

Create your own program

Via 3D Delta Week, you can put together an interesting and instructive program yourself. The (still growing) program contains events on different topics, aimed at diverse target groups and purposes and hosted on various locations. Hence, all tastes are catered for.

You can attend events with general and informative information about 3D printing, such as “What is 3D printing and how to apply it?” by Binder3D, but also for more in-depth and specialist 3D printing know-how. You will find this for example at events like “Closing the gap in the 3D printing production chain” of Fontys on 3D printing related information in the product designer’s software, at “The journey towards implementing industrial metal 3D Printing” of Windesheim and Perron038 or the guided tour at Binder3D and GeTech. Additionally, many events, conferences and master classes on specific 3D printing topics are being organised. For answers to questions about 3D printing for the medical sector you can attend the 3Dmed consortium conference “Additive Manufacturing for medical applications” or the masterclass “Scalable production for high volume am-applications for health” by Brainport Eindhoven. Furthermore, there are activities planned on 3D printing for electronics, safety & security, or the environment.

There is also plenty of opportunity for networking and gaining an overview of the AM field. At events like the 3D Delta Networking Dinner, RapidPro and the networking activity of Women in 3D Printing, you will be able to connect with important stakeholders within the domain. Another great example is Flam3D’s Additive Manufacturing R&D Day: an event focused on R&D on AM aimed at building new synergies, capitalising on each other’s expertise and findings, and matchmaking.

However, maybe you are looking for more diverse new or emerging techniques within the manufacturing industry? 3DDW has got you covered as well! From 6-10 December, 3DDW will not only put the spotlight on 3D printing, but on 3D Manufacturing in general! Events such as Virtual (R)evolution, the Smart Maintenance Congres and the Model Based Definition event will give you an overview of industrial applications, specific solutions, and innovative techniques within the manufacturing industry.

Strength in collaboration

The strength of the 3D Delta region lies in collaboration. Both Flanders and the Netherlands have a lot to offer in the field of 3D Manufacturing, but in order to gain international weight, we have to make it bigger together. A philosophy that Ambassador sponsors Materialise and Design8 have fully understood and want to promote. A week in which the sector unites and presents itself in all its facets could in fact also attract foreign parties.

Would you like an overview of all participating events?

Take a look on the 3DDW program page! Follow us on LinkedIn, block the week, have a scroll through the list of activities and join!