Closing the gap in the 3D Printing production chain with Fontys at 3DDW

Event Fontys @ 3DDW

The need for further integration of printing technology into product development

Anyone with a background in producing products by 3D printing knows the bumpy road from virtual model to tangible product. In fact, there is quite a gap between the two. A major improvement seems achievable with the availability of 3D printing related information in the product designer’s software. Fontys cooperates with renowned companies that acknowledge the existence of this missing element and by attending their event on December 9 during 3D Delta Week, you will be able to discover first-hand the progress being made on the topic.

It has always been beneficial to have the product designer working closely together with the production planner. Today, for additive manufacturing, this is even more important. For example, the build direction of a part significantly influences its cost price. By taking into account both the possibilities and limitations of 3D printing as early as the design stage, the amount of support structures – which have to be removed as waste after printing anyway – can be minimized. Fontys Engineering, together with students and CEAD, nTopology, Renishaw and Siemens, conducts practice-based research to optimize the 3D production chain. Register for their event and attend substantive, technological presentations by:

  • Siemens
  • CEAD/Convestro
  • nTopology
  • Renishaw
  • Fontys

In addition to the presentations, visitors can discuss the presented topics individually with the speakers. The afternoon will be concluded with drinks.

About Fontys

Fontys is a university of applied sciences in the southern Netherlands with more than a hundred different training programmes and courses in all shapes and sizes and in almost every area of the professional market: from dance to accountancy, from architecture to physiotherapy. Anyone who wants to develop their talent at Fontys is welcome. Research is high on the agenda at Fontys, and their courses are closely linked to practical research. This practice-based research, which is very often multidisciplinary in nature, brings solutions for social issues closer. They carry out this research in close cooperation with ,and for, the professional arena and try to match the innovation needs of companies and institutions as much as possible. In an authentic setting, researchers, students, and teachers – together with the professional field – in this way contribute to innovation in the region. And to solving complex social issues. Their catchphrase: Fontys for Society!

You want to register for this event? Go to the event page. If you want to know more about all the activities during 3D Delta Week, visit the program page.

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