Drop by at the Open House @ Landré

Landré open house

Learn about 3D printing techniques and materials

Landré, provider of solutions for the manufacturing industry, opens its doors on Friday 24 June at Houten (the Netherlands). From 9:00 – 12:00 AM the company will give its visitors more insights into 3D printing techniques and materials. In addition, you will get an exclusive tour along the industrial 3D printers in their showroom and post processing systems. If desired, you can also enjoy a brief demo of one of the machines. Any specific questions? No problem, the 3D specialists of Landré are ready to answer them. Their goal is to make sure you can go home with all the information you need.

More specifically, what will you discover?

  • The possibilities of industrial 3D printers and post processing systems
  • Tips and tricks on how to work with the machines in order to gain the best results
  • Introduction to the techniques and materials
  • Trends in the field of 3D printing.

Do you want to gain more insights into 3D printing techniques and materials? Or maybe you would like to know the advantages of a specific 3D printing technique over another for your application? Then register via this page.

About Landré

Industrial 3D printers are becoming increasingly important in the design and manufacturing industry, offering the potential to reduce production times and costs. Landré, a sales and service oriented organisation offering solutions for the manufacturing industry, has an extensive range of industrial, reliable 3D printers of renowned brands. When selling the printers, the company focuses on optimal support, including free advice and information about Additive Manufacturing, the technologies, industries, applications and uses.

The company also specialises in CNC production technologies for the manufacturing industry with years of experience in the field of machining, sheet metal working, plastics processing, and rapid manufacturing. Their expertise helps you to achieve high product quality and continuity of your production.