Flam3D organizes first networking event for R&D on Additive Manufacturing ever

AM R&D Day Flam3D

Do you need, offer, or are interested in R&D on Additive Manufacturing? Read on!

On December 6, 2021, Flam3D organizes the first networking event for R&D on Additive Manufacturing (AM) ever held in the Benelux. On this event supply and demand come together: R&D stakeholders such as research institutes and universities will come and pitch, while organizations or companies looking for AM expertise or information are invited to attend and discover. Moreover, matchmaking is explicitly facilitated during the event.

R&D on Additive Manufacturing is all around in the Benelux, applied as well as academic. It is one of main contributors to the global success of the region when it comes to Additive Manufacturing patents, innovations, and business. Although there is so much happening within this domain, there is no umbrella R&D event that connects supply and demand and helps to stimulate the AM industry in this regard. This is a gap Flam3D would like to help fill with the Additive Manufacturing R&D Day. “There is so much going on, that we sometimes lose track of who-is-doing-what or what-is-useful-for-whom. To build new synergies, to capitalise on each other’s expertise and findings, and to avoid duplication, it will be exceptionally useful to listen, watch and learn at this event on December 6, 2021 – aka Saint Nicholas for R&D”, explains Kris Binon, Managing Director of Flam3D.

The event offers opportunities for both the demand and supply side. For R&D-stakeholders it is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with potential clients or research partners. Flam3D urges all private R&D companies, (technical) universities and other R&D stakeholders to come and share their expertise and findings at the R&D Day. By participating and listening, the companies looking for expertise will in turn make sure they can be part of the next innovation within AM or build their own. After all, the R&D Day is the moment to get in touch one-on-one with your future R&D partners. Currently, important R&D institutions such as UGent, IMEC, TNO, Thomas More, KULeuven, VITO, RND extern, TU Eindhoven, VUB, Saxion, NHL Stenden, Flanders Make and TUDelft are attending to share their expertise, findings, and new projects. With other registrations in progress, the program already looks promising. Be sure to follow the program on the website or LinkedIn for updates.

You want to register for this event? Go to the event page. If you want to know more about all the activities during 3D Delta Week, visit the program page.

In a nutshell

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