Mikrocentrum announces ‘the 3D Production Days’

A combination and enforcement of four events: RapidPro, MBD Solutions Event, Virtual (R)evolution and the Smart Maintenance Congress

Digitization in the high-tech and manufacturing industry is accelerating. In this way, manufacturing companies reduce their production costs and processing times and at the same time increase product quality. Companies that embrace digitization thus strengthen their competitive position. To help manufacturing companies with this, Mikrocentrum is organizing the first edition of 3D Production Days on the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on December 8 and 9. “From idea to end product, everything comes together, with digitization as the common thread, because the world is shifting from 2D to 3D”, says Els van de Ven, manager of the events department at Mikrocentrum. “We show the translation of an idea via Model Based Definition into an end product and smart maintenance.”

The four events that take place within the 3D Production Days are: RapidPro, MBD Solutions Event, (V)irtual Revolution and the Smart Maintenance Congress. Four existing events that Mikrocentrum is organizing simultaneously for the first time this year because they fit well in the 3D Delta Week, which will be held for the first time from 6 to 10 December. “We see a lot of synergy between the four events, both for exhibitors and visitors. That is why we are combining the forces of the four events under one roof. During these two days you will discover and experience what 3D production really means and how you can improve production processes by digitizing,” explains Els van de Ven.

Define. Design. Produce

Digitization is rapidly leaving its mark on the manufacturing industry. 3D models play a role in all phases of the process from coming up with ideas up to and including making and maintaining products. From designing and simulation with CAD and simulation software to the production of prototypes via 3D printing or Virtual Reality. And from defining what products should look like with Model Based Definition to production based on the PMI model. In the maintenance of products, 3D models for the digital twins and Augmented Reality play a role. Define, Design and Produce, these are the steps that Mikrocentrum makes tangible during 3D Production Days.

RapidPro 2021

The foundation of 3D Production Days is RapidPro, the two-day event that originally focused on 3D printing prototypes. On December 8 and 9, RapidPro will continue the broadening that has already started towards digitization of production. “3D printing and additive manufacturing are important production techniques, but they are not the only ones,” emphasizes Els van de Ven. This year, for example, Dutch and Belgian foundries are participating again. Casting, like vacuum forming or CNC milling, can be a suitable production technology. Of course, 3D printing and additive manufacturing will keep a central place at RapidPro. “That’s why we are proud that Fried Vancraen, founder and CEO of Materialize, is opening this edition of RapidPro,” says Els van de Ven. RapidPro also visualizes the pre- and post-print steps as well as the embedding in the entire digital production workflow.

Model Based Definition

OEMs such as ASML, but also Picanol in Belgium or VanderLande in the Netherlands, increasingly choose to add the product specifications for the makers to the 3D model via PMI data. On December 9, the speakers at the MBD Solutions Event will share the latest experiences and trends in this area, with an emphasis on practical application. Keynote speaker is Jos Voskuil (Virtual Dutchman) who will speak about re-use of CAD, among other things. According to him, the future of PLM is connected data in the process phases and not the Bill of Material structure.

Smart Maintenance, VR and AR

The day before, there is the Smart Maintenance Congress (December 8). Digital twins are playing an increasingly important role in smart maintenance, just like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. For example, remote maintenance technicians are supported by senior experts. (V)irtual Revolution, the annual event for VR and AR, will therefore take place simultaneously on December 8th. The exhibitors at the four events will be present on both days: the lecture program for a specific part of 3D Production Days only takes place for one day (or two at RapidPro).

Digitization becomes tangible

The international software developers for the manufacturing industry who participate at the 3D Production Days, such as Siemens Digital Industries Software, Polyworks and Dassault Systèmes, are enthusiastic about the concept. By bringing together the entire chain from idea to production, digitization in the manufacturing industry becomes tangible and they can demonstrate the added value of MBD and PMI in a digital production environment. The developers can show the practical significance. “At 3D Production Days we show the practical translation of the 3D models to production, maintenance and also to simulation and VR and AR”, Els van de Ven summarizes.

3D Delta Week

3D Production Days takes place under the banner of 3D Delta Week, the event for which Mikrocentrum took the initiative together with Flam3D, Jakajima and Brainport Development. Activities for the 3D production value chain will take place from 6 to 10 December at several locations in the Netherlands and Flanders. Els van de Ven: “3D Production Days fits exactly into the concept of the 3D Delta Week. We are thus laying the foundation for an event that can further grow and broaden in the coming years.” According to the event manager of Mikrocentrum, it is an event that deserves a place in the agenda of all engineering and manufacturing companies. “Because if you want to keep doing business, you have to get away from the drawing board and move to 3D models.”

The 3D Production Days will take place on 8 and 9 December at the Brainport Industries Campus during the 3D Delta Week. Visiting is free after online registration.