Windesheim and Perron038 invite you for a journey towards implementing industrial metal 3D Printing

Windesheim + Perron038 event @3DDW

Are you an R&D Manager who decides upon introducing 3D metal printing technology in your small- or medium sized organization? Or an R&D Engineer who could use the 3D metal printing technology within your organization? At Windesheim (Professorship for Polymer Engineering) and Perron038 we aim to make metal 3D printing technology applicable for SMEs in the east of The Netherlands. Within a three-year project we further developed knowledge and experience in making the technology accessible, understandable and practical for the manufacturing industry. We have booked great results which we can’t wait to share with a broader audience. Are you curious about the possibilities for metal 3D printing in your organization? Visit this event and learn about our lessons learned!

Why visit this event?

  • Learn about our lessons learned from our 3-year AMBITION research journey
  • Gain knowledge from experts and touch and judge the demonstrators
  • Visit the facility with one of the biggest powderbed metal 3d printers in the country
  • Meet experts and new contacts to partner up with
  • Organized at a central location in The Netherlands

We are happy to welcome you December 10!

About Perron038
Together we are stronger, that’s why companies and educational institutions join Perron038. To produce the future together. We are building the innovation center for the manufacturing industry in our region. We do this all together: technicians, students, researchers and entrepreneurs.

We connect high-tech companies, educational institutions and research companies to each other. This facilitates innovative projects focused on research and development. Machine builders and technical product developers come together at Perron038. Talent development is key.

We are located directly at the train station of Zwolle, in a beautiful old industrial hall. The hall has been converted into a hypermodern environment where talent can grow, develop and innovate by sharing knowledge and inspiring each other. To (continue to) choose work in technology, to make machines and products smarter and very importantly more sustainable. By learning to innovate faster and better.

Technicians and students work together on joint projects but also on their own innovative projects: demonstrators, prototypes and modules of high-tech machines.
They make use of robotics, IT technology, mechatronics, sensors, additive manufacturing and vision technology. Develop, test and improve. At Perron 038 we continue to innovate, all for the future.

About Windesheim University of Applied Science
Windesheim’s mission is to make an active contribution to an inclusive and sustainable society. We strive to do so by educating valuable and principled professionals and by conducting practice-oriented research.

Windesheim will be working to gradually realize the future perspective of enabling a personal learning pathway for each individual student. Our ideal is that no student fails unnecessarily. Each student will be given the opportunity to find out, with expert counselling, which curriculum fits best for him or her, as part of lifelong learning. In this way, our students will be –and continue to be– attractive on the labour market. In the coming years we will be working together to realize this ideal step by step.

If you want to register for this event click here. If you want to know more about all the activities during 3D Delta Week, visit the program page.

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