3D Delta Week happening from 20-24 June 2022

Eindhoven, February 7, 2022 – Save the date! The first edition of the 3D Delta Week is rescheduled to 20-24 June 2022. Due to the Covid situation, Brainport Development, Flam3D, Jakajima and Mikrocentrum have planned a new date for this week of immersion in 3D manufacturing. During the 3D Delta Week more than 20 events on 3D manufacturing will take place at various locations in the Netherlands and Flanders. At this moment, the events are being rescheduled in consultation with the organizing parties.

“There is significant interest from the market in organizing an entire week where specialists and interested parties from the 3D manufacturing world come together. We are looking forward to a first successful edition in June and hope to welcome the 3D manufacturing industry and interested parties in great numbers,” explains Pieter Hermans from Jakajima.

Join the 3D Delta Week

In June 2022, the first edition of the event week will be launched, and the ultimate goal is clear: 3D Delta Week as the annual meeting point for everyone involved in the 3D value chain, whether inside or outside the Benelux Delta. A place where value is created for users and providers in the field of 3D printing, additive and advanced manufacturing. One of the high profile events are the 3D Production Days on June 22 and 23 in Eindhoven, organized by Mikrocentrum. During the 3D Production Days four events are planned: the expo RapidPro, the MBD Solutions Event, Virtual (R)evolution and the Smart Maintenance Conference. “With the 3D Production Days, we want to help companies in the high tech and manufacturing industry to develop their production environment of the future faster”, says Charlotte de Jong of Mikrocentrum. Be sure to check the 3DDW agenda for all updates on the participating events.

New date, new opportunities to participate

The new date gives international, Dutch and Belgium companies, research institutes and organizations  the opportunity to join this cross-border multi-event in three possible ways:

  1. organize an activity as part of the 3D Delta Week (e.g., events, workshops, conferences, demos, company visits, industry-specific matchmaking, or master classes),
  2. become a sponsor of 3DDW alongside Materialise and Design8, or
  3. block the week in your agenda, set your personal program and visit one or more interesting events.

“The events will be planned in a way that makes it easy for the participants to move from one activity to another. In this way, every event will be shown to its best advantage”, says Kris Binon, Director of Flam3D. “In this week we want to highlight the Benelux, the Delta, as the hub for 3D manufacturing. This region has so much to offer. Therefore, we invite CEO’s, engineers, purchase managers, students, and researchers to learn, network and explore in 3D Manufacturing during the 3D Delta Week”, adds Ruben Fokkema from Brainport Development.