3D Delta week postponed to 2022

3DDW Postponed to 2022

Eindhoven, November 25, 2021 – Brainport Development, Flam3D, Jakajima and Mikrocentrum, in consultation with the cooperation partners and exhibitors, have decided to move the first edition of the 3D Delta Week to 2022. The recent coronavirus developments and the prospects for the coming weeks have made the organizers decide to move the event week. “Given the increasing infections and the growing pressure on healthcare, we do not think it is responsible to organize a multi-event”, explains Kris Binon, Director of Flam3D.

Impressive interest

”There is tremendous interest from the market in organizing an entire week where specialists and interested parties from the 3D manufacturing world come together. The approach to initiate a globally distinctive networking-snowball within one week, with the aim of accelerating development, can be considered very popular. More than 17 events would take place at various locations in the Netherlands and Flanders during the 3D Delta Week. There is great enthusiasm for the first edition and the 3D Delta Week has the potential to grow into a future-proof multi-event”, says Ruben Fokkema, Business Developer of Brainport Development.

Online meetings

Jakajima applies what their organization has learned during the corona crisis to organize an online meeting. The 3D Printing Electronics Conference will take place on December 7, 2021. Interested parties can register for this online conference via this link.

3D Delta Week 2022

Due to the significant interest by and enthusiasm of the cooperation partners and exhibitors, the organizers will continue to prepare for the 2022 edition. More information will be published on www.3ddeltaweek.com.

About the first edition of the 3D Delta Week

A world first in the event and 3D production sector. In 2022, a cross-border multi-event will take place in the 3D Manufacturing world for the first time: 3D Delta Week. One Flemish and three Dutch organizations have forged the plan to present a new concept in 3D production to the world. The 3D Delta Week platform will unite and strengthen several important 3D activities from the Benelux and will offer other international and local organizers to organize their event, workshop or conference in that week to make a leap forward in knowledge, experience and network for all participants.

The organization of the event is in the hands of Brainport Development, Flam3D, Jakajima and Mikrocentrum. All information about the event can be found on the 3D Delta Week website.