Take part in 3D Delta Week

3D Delta Week (3DDW) will be an international event week about 3D Manufacturing that takes place from 7 to 11 June 2021. With this week, founding partners Brainport Eindhoven, Flam3D, Jakajima and Mikrocentrum want to contribute to the further development of 3D Manufacturing, to become more competitive as an economic region. However, they are not doing this alone: 3D Delta Week should unite and strengthen several important 3D activities from the Benelux. In 2021 the first edition of the event week will be organized and the ultimate goal is clear: 3D Delta Week as the annual meeting point for everyone involved in the 3D value chain, whether inside or outside the Benelux Delta. A place where value is created for users and providers. Would you like to join this cross-border multi-event? Options and possibilities are now available.

More specifically, there are two options to participate in the 3D Delta Week platform:

  1. Organize your own event within 3DDW:

3D Delta week bundles the offerings of different parties in order to generate a concentration of knowledge, products, services and a glimpse of the future. By combining several activities related to 3D production, the visitor attendance will increase. This means that strong brands are united under one banner to create a world-class event. Would you like your organisation to benefit from this unique podium to the world? Then join the 3D Delta Week and get your activity or event on the agenda.

Other international and local commercial, research and not-for-profit organisations are welcome to organise an activity within the platform. Think for instance of events, workshops, conferences, demos, company visits, industry-specific matchmaking or master classes. All suggestions are welcome and will be carefully reviewed by a 3DDW steering group in order to obtain a consistent program with valuable activities. In addition, the selected events will be planned in a way that makes it easy for the participants to move from one activity to another. In this way, every event will be shown to its best advantage.

More information and the possibility to register and submit proposals can be found here.

  1. Become a sponsor of 3DDW:

3D printing and 3D production are still too unknown. Partly due to the complexity and diversity, the manufacturing industry does not always see how they can apply the technology to their advantage. Nevertheless, the Benelux area is a top region in terms of 3D production. There is a lot of academic and applied research, a high number of printers and promising start-ups and enterprises. Through 3D Delta Week, the right podium has been created to put our leading 3D production region in the foreground. How can you benefit from this? Committing to the platform of the 3D Delta Week offers your organisation a wide reach with a positive message: “I stand behind the idea of joining forces, of bringing together ecosystems to contribute to a healthy global economy”.

3D Delta Week has been set up by four organisations with strong marketing and communications in place and direct contacts with global 3D printing and other media or press. This importance and outreach of the current (and future) organisers, offers a great opportunity for you as a sponsor. Moreover, the 3D Delta Week will be a major 2021 happening within the 3D Manufacturing industry, at least in the Benelux region and most probably far beyond. Would you like to get your company highlighted? Support the 3D Delta Week and become a sponsor. There are several sponsor packages, each with a lot of great advantages.

More info about the different sponsor packages and the possibility to register can be found here.